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Welcome. "Kamloops Trout" is dedicated to all fly fishers, anglers, outdoor enthusiasts and all like-minded people combined. We are working fervently towards building something that should prove to help inspire and fuel our passion for many years to come.  We have many goals but our primary goal is to establish ourselves as a key proponent towards the promotion of the world class fishing opportunities and ultimately the world class stillwater fly fishing our beautiful province of British Columbia and Kamloops area has to offer. We also look to help Aid, encourage and promote the conservation of our wild species of native fish in bc. It is just one more avenue for BC anglers and fly fishing community to utilize in order to benefit one another's outdoor experiences. Though we are still very small, We have big hopes and big dreams, and though our future is yet to be determined and path's not yet set, we will seek and strive with strong determination  to offer nothing short of quality products, services and content for all.  One thing is for certain, Kamloops Trout isn't going anywhere! You can find us on social media services such as Instagram, Facebook or Youtube, and even more than all of those we can be found on the local waters as much as our daily lives can possibly permit! We will be actively seeking out all forms of partnerships and sponsors to join us and help create a name for ourselves and ask that you would please support us in any way you can, All support given great or small is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to visit our website,

Cheers and Tight Lines!

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