2019 Chironomid Season is Here! Early May Kamloops & Interior Fly Fishing Report

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

A Stomach Pump sample plugged solid with Chironomid Pupa!

So if you read our last report we predicted things were about to heat up significantly come early May. Just as predicted, the fishing has picked up tenfold! My family booked a week of fishing holidays, hoping to time things just right with some of my favorite local area lower elevation lakes and things couldn't have worked out much better than they did. What a stellar May opening it has been! With summer-like weather each day, sunshine and temperatures approaching close to 30 degrees the lower elevation lakes less than 1000 meters (approximately) absolutely exploded with chironomid activity with hatches so thick we were almost breathing them at times. The trout keyed in on them ferociously and we were able to get dialed in many days and experience the incredible fishing days we all dream about every winter while replenishing our flyboxes. Many chironomid hatches continued late into the evenings with all sizes and colors making their appearance. Though we did notice a couple lakes we revisited were red hot one day and not so hot the next we managed many days of averaging daily catch rates at probably anywhere from around 30-60 or so fish per day and one particular day we managed to get into an estimated whopping 100+ fish at one lake many of which were in the 3-4 pound range with both many smaller and larger trout mixed in, some upwards to ten pounds though the few behemoth's managed to escape the net this time around. Each of our personal best catches over these 8 days were 5-7.5lbs pennask strain trout that hit like freight trains, exploding out of the water and taking off like bullets! And every rainbow trout we caught so far this year, with the exception of just one poor unlucky trout this past week were all caught and released with care for someone else to enjoy. Although as simple as it all may sound we still worked hard to locate the strong hatches, feeding fish, correct depths and hot flies and did move lakes multiple times sometimes two times a day and did still have one really disappointing day in which we changed lakes 3 times and struggled to find co-operative fish at each individual lake. We fished many lakes over the last week or so and much of our best fishing was found in the deeper parts of the lakes suspending our pupa imitations at depths of 20-25 feet deep just a foot to 2ft off the lake bottom. One thing that is well worth mentioning and that I can't stress enough to our readers is that our Velvet Revolver Chironomid has been, easily, HANDS DOWN, our most successful fly so far this year and I am almost convinced, it is quite possibly, perhaps, the most effective chironomid pupa fly we have ever fished! Only time will truly tell for certain but we put it to the test extensively this year and up against some of the very best patterns we know and was beating them all 3 to 1, 5 to 1 and even sometimes much better than that and not just on one particular day or lake but over the course of 8 full days of fishing on multiple lakes. And no I am not just trying to hype up one of our fly's but honestly, dead serious, The V.R chironomids are top shelf! To sum it up nicely, all I can really say, is that in general, the prime Kamloops and interior chironomid season is at it's peak and to anyone planning to fish the local Kamloops area in the coming couple of weeks there is no better time, but I would recommend to those who's plans are not 100% set to consider fishing lakes above a 1000 meters in elevation for optimal fishing as I believe, not all, but most of those under 1000m have peaked already and will now begin to slow down as far as steady fast paced action goes. Though some fairly decent days are still to be had for the next couple of weeks on the lower lakes, I have already taken notice that the algae bloom is in the early stages on some lakes, with Jacko lake in particular already starting to resemble pea soup. The further we go towards summer and longer a lake has been iced off, the slower the action will get at lower elevations but better it will get at higher elevations so keep that in mind when searching out somewhere to fish this time of year. One valuable tool to use to search stocking reports, elevations, and directions of where to fish if you don't know it already, can be found right here... http://www.gofishbc.com/Where-to-Fish.aspx and is a tool I use all the time, year round, to search out future destinations. So with May Long weekend coming up I am sure many people who planto fish the Kamloops area will be in for some extremely good fly fishing! Just find where the fish and bugs are and match the hatch and you should be good to go! If things slow down in the evenings, try dishing up a leech pattern for desert as it too can be a game changer when the chironomids stop working as they should ! Below are just a few pics of the countless trout and chironomids we encountered during our little venture. I wish you all good luck out there this spring of 2019, Chironomid Season is Here! To those who haven't tried this kind of fishing yet, you simply don't know what you're missing! Cheers to all and TightLines!

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