Bloody Green Magic! Chironomid Pupa Fly

Ok, so for all you Chironomid nuts out there here's a potentially real killer pattern I am sure you simply won't want to miss out on having in the ol' Chronie box this year! The B.G.M is a variant of an extremely effective top producing fly (the "R.B.M") that replaces Fiery Brown Buzzer Wrap and Copper Brown wire with Olive Buzzer wrap and a Golden Olive wire(sometimes Chartreuse wire) to make for some very realistic color tones that are sure to fool some trophy trout! This fly is still new and extensive testing is still underway but one look at it in my experience will scream "eat me" to many foraging trout. I simply can't wait to put them to the test this year and am sure anyone else who does won't regret it. So enough of the hype, I'll get right to sharing the recipe! Hope it serves you well!

- Scud Hook/Curved Nymph Hook

- Black Metallic/Brown Metallic Bead

-- White Cotton yarn/ Midge Gill

- UTC 70 Red thread blended into UTC 70 Brown Olive thread about 1/3 red 2/3 Brown Olive

- Flybox Olive Buzzer Wrap Over threads

- Golden Olive Wire/Chartreuse

And for those who would like a step by step instructional video we've put one together for you right here!

When I'm done hammering fish with it later this year I'll come back and update this post with the results and maybe a couple "fish stories" ; )

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