Kamloops Interior Still Water Fly Fishing Report - Mid April 2019

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Rain...Wind...Hail...Fish...Sun...Wind...Fish...Daphnia...Turnover! Pretty much sums it up but Ok, I'm sure some readers might appreciate a little more insight (*cough* excuses *cough*) So here it is. Our second early spring fishing report for 2019. It's been a couple weeks since our last report and we thought to share with you all our latest findings from our recent outings on the stillwaters of Kamloops and surrounding area. We've been out maybe half a dozen times or so in these last couple weeks and for the most part to be perfectly honest the fishing has been very spotty to say the least, much like the weather. We had a reasonably better start to 2019 at least as far as numbers go. The fishing has been decent to Ok to downright awful and back to mediocre/ok again. The fish we have managed to get into have not been exactly co-operative to say the least and have had to put in a lot work for any sort of numbers to the net. Daphnia/zooplankton still remains the main course and on the top of the menu across most of our iced off interior lakes, a tell tale sign the fish are not all too happy. Small micro leeches and attractor type patterns continue to remain our top producers while the local lakes are continuing to ice off like a stack of dominos and as the lowest elevation lakes such as Six mile and Morgan Lake are now recovering from recent turnover and starting to heat up we thought to explore new opportunities at some lakes in higher elevations that have been opening up in the 950-1100m elevation range (approximately). Despite arriving to each recent lake rather early ice off and expecting to beat "the turn" for some potentially stellar fishing, unfortunately we did not. Timing is key and unpredictable, though we did our best to predict and time things just right, the weather had other plans in store for us. Recent winds have been exceedingly stronger than usual and very steady and consistent which as a result has sent many lakes almost immediately into full turnover. Our findings in all cases appeared to be at least in some stage of turning be it early, mid to late stages. One lake of which we explored still hadn't even fully iced off yet but there's no doubt the dominant winds clearly mixed things up into an immediate turn, very easy to distinguish especially if one is already familiar with the lake by the tell tale signs of very poor water clarity, decaying vegetation floating all throughout the mid to upper water column of the lake and little to no sign of fish activity anywhere throughout the lake. We worked the stillwaters hard despite the odds against us and even found one very solid chironomid hatch right at ice off to only conclude, the fish were very uninterested. The only one lake I did find not currently turning, on a recent solo trip in the Merritt area, was so windy I fished in the chop of whitecaps hooking only a single fish drifting a small damsel pattern only to lose it and finally gave up searching for willing participants after a few hours only to struggle to make it back to shore against the wind with my 55 thrust electric motor. The good news is, we are beginning to see our first signs of chironomid hatches popping up here and there. Not a lot and not very big in most cases but it's a start and the fish should be keying in on them almost exclusively soon enough, though it is worth mentioning we were able to persuade the odd trout on a few lakes to grab a few of our different pupa imitations thus far. To make things even better in just another week or so from now we should expect to see these same turnover lakes coming back to life and entering the beginning stages of prime spring stillwater fishing season and a plethora of new opportunities to explore in the Kamloops and surrounding area are opening up all around us. One thing I can say is it has still been well worth getting out of the house and working the interior still waters because we love the challenge and there is always, no matter how poor the conditions, chances to catch some fish and damn nice fish at that. Case in point a beauty 24" 6 lb Pennask, which my daughter hooked and landed on her 8ft 5wt fiberglass rod after spending a few hours battling the rain and wind with very limited success on a local lake in it's early stages of turnover. Sure was great start to her year, new fiberglass rod and filled the Moby "Kamloops Trophy" (whale) net quite nicely! I also had the opportunity to guide someone completely new to fishing and fly fishing into some solid lake fishing chaos just yesterday afternoon amidst some very moody trout, so accomplished wins in my books and taking new anglers out is always something I take great joy in. So with all this being said May is fast approaching and the lakes will be lighting up like brush fire in no time. So let the Games begin! I expect in the coming weeks to report back with a stellar blog post of reports big numbers and hopefully some big fish also. So *fingers crossed* here's to hoping the magic starts happening! It is only going to get better from here on out! I wish you all reading this the very best of luck in your upcoming endeavors and hope to maybe meet some of you on the water this year! And please check us out on facebook and Instagram if you haven't already for more random posts to keep you entertained between our blog posts and reports!

Cheers and TightLines!

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