Kamloops Interior Stillwater Fly fishing Report - Late March, Early April 2019

So the lakes have just begun to ice off and the Stillwater season of 2019 has just begun. So far we have been fortunate enough to get out four times and venture to four different lakes. So for anyone curious as to how we made out here is a real brief, straight to the point summary of our efforts. Saturday March 30th we went to the only lake we knew with some open water...very little but some. Horsehoe lake of the Roche lake chain is aerated and because the aerator is so close to the boat launch we figured it would be worth checking out. We chased the geese and ducks out of our hole and anchored down in a very small chunk of open water and proceeded to give it our best...and SKUNKED! Not a nibble, not a ripple, the place was as dead as the wild west but sure felt good to sit in a boat on some open water again tossing fly lines around. So I won't go to much further on a fruitless endeavor. Next stop, Deep Lake, Sunday March 31st last day before expiry of our 2018-2019 fishing licenses. This small little gem has a little sentimental value to our family as we have had many great memories in the past hiking into and fishing this little lake located about a 25 minute hike just above the hills of Ida lane in in Westsyde of Kamloops. We arrived to very little open water, just enough on the far end to wet our lines, and as usual she didn't disappoint. We started working the little bit of water casting from shore using micro leech patterns but did not even get a bite. Switched to chironomids and had a reasonably successful day catching multiple fish to about a pound maybe pound and a half. Sunny, pouring rain, then sunny again and so it went. The fish were more than happy to co-operate so the day was a success and great start to 2019 as many had not even seen some open water at this point. Unfortunately all rainbows were caught which seemed to confirm my suspicion that all the brook trout stock died from either winter/summer kill as it had been prone to do in the past. Fast forward about a week to Saturday April 6th, we decided to check out Morgan lake and Six Mile/Pat Lake which just iced off in the days previous. Reports at Morgan were looking spotty and the congregation on the water appeared to be as still as statues so after waiting it out and watching for 20-30 mins we decided we may be better off to try Six Mile and sure glad we did! The wind was relentless and lake was pretty empty and the few on the water seemed to struggle for results as so did we, to begin with. We started around noon, anchored in about 5-6ft of water and tried the usual early spring patterns only to scratch our heads at some very un-co-operative fish. Well as much as I have a love/hate relationship with blobs and boobie flies I decided desperate times call for drastic measures, so on went the orange jelly fritz blob and it took no more than a single cast to catch a fish. Repeat, thwack! repeat, thwack! On went blobs for 3.5 hours and caught an estimated 30 maybe 40 fish and lost perhaps another 50-60 with brief grabs, tugs, head shakes to a sudden slack line fishing barbless as we always do. And so this went on repeatedly with each and every cast. We pumped a few fish and while they were eating, the results were very spotty. Nothing very consistent and nothing worth tying on and why bother when you having results such as this. All in all, An awesome day! Couldn't have asked for any more action than that, aside from multiple tangles from our fast sink lines, brutal winds and human error it was almost non-stop action until we vacated the lake...and now for SUNDAY! While we could have returned to Six Mile and possibly repeated the same process all over again, we decided to try something different and hopefully hook a few bigger fish so we decided to try our luck at Morgan Lake. TOUGH fishing, very slow, it appeared as though the heavy winds mixed the lake up quickly and the turnover process had begun. Very poor water clarity, floating vegetation all over and very moody fish! We took some throat samples and many we caught we eating very little at all or if they were had been focusing primarily on the dreaded daphnia/ zooplankton, basically microscopic water fleas to be put simply. The biggest fish we caught all day approx. 3lbs had only a single immature mayfly nymph in it's stomach! So conditions were brutal, aside from winds and a bit of rain but we persevered and even put in a bit a fair of overtime trying to solve the puzzle. While many called it quits we spent more time on the lake then most and still managed an ok day getting into a few fish each, despite the odds. Though we did manage to see a couple indicators disappear to some size 18 chironomid pupa patterns again it was the obnoxious boobie and blob flies that prevailed this day and we surpassed more than a few steps above being skunked so one must be grateful for that considering the conditions. All in all a great start to the 2019 Stillwater season. Reports of a few more lakes icing off are now rolling through including the very popular Kamloops local Jacko Lake icing off just two days ago as well as Stump Lake, so it's time to beef up those tippets and get out on the water! Stillwater Season of 2019 has officially begun! Can't wait for more! : ) Check back later this week as we will be putting forth a couple extremely productive fly patterns to try out this year you won't want to miss out on! Cheers and TightLines Everyone!

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