The One Minute Bloodworm

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Simple but Deadly!

If you're at all interested in tying super simple extremely realistic looking flies, in about a minute that are super durable and catch fish then you've come to the right place! The One Minute Bloodworm is Chironomid Larvae pattern that I developed trying to imitate Chaoborus Larvae (a.k.a Glassworms) using clear Liquid Lace a few years ago. In doing so like I always do I wanted to see what other patterns I could come up with using the same tying style and technique in different colors. This pattern has one of the closest resemblance to any natural aquatic invertebrate I tie and is also probably one of the simplest pattern to tie as well. What I love most about them is how translucent they look in the light, exactly like the real deal does!

Chironomid Larvae

The only downside to fishing them is that they do not have much weight to them as there is no bead present to add any extra weight and thus getting into the zone quickly can be problematic, especially since bloodworms are generally fished within the bottom foot of the lake. A remedy to aid it's decent to the depths of the lake is use either a sinking line or to attach a small barrel swivel in conjunction to your leader and tippet material.

So to keep with the theme of our One Minute Fly, I'll lkeep this blog post to a simple quick one minute or so read and leave the rest for you to decide!

Materials... Hook (scud preferably), Harelines Blood Red Midge Tubing, Red Ultra Wire and UV Cure Resin. It doesn't get much simpler than that! (try also in different colors such as a translucent green hollowing tubing material or adding green wire to the red body makes for some excellent patterns to tie)

Step by Step Tying Instructions HERE:

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