The "Velvet Revolver" Chironomid Pupa Fly

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

An Absolute Kamloops Trout Magnet!

Well, I have been holding onto the recipe for this chironomid pupa pattern for some time now and have been waiting for the perfect time to release it out of the vault to public. I think it is one fly that is well worth sharing and what better time than now to coincide with re-vamped and re-branded launch of the new up and coming "Kamloops Trout" and release of our new webpage! And believe me, this fly catches fish! Guaranteed to be a sure thing and absolute must for the fly box of any Stillwater junkie. This fly is without a doubt in my mind, a top contender for being one of the most deadly chironomid patterns to ever hang under an indicator! Don’t believe it? I would challenge you to try them and see for yourself! This fly is essentially a cross or hybrid pattern between two of my very favorite chironomid patterns, that is the longtime favorite and classic "GMC" (gun-metal chironomid) a red-wire-ribbed anti-static bag gunmetal chironomid and the other, a holographic wine tinsel ribbed variant of the "Ironman" fly I put out for some years ago (which you can read about here When I first developed the "Ironman" style flies they were nothing quite like any chironomid I had ever seen before and though they can be a little more challenging to tie with regards to proportions using hand cut materials and evenly spacing each segment properly, I simply fell in love with the look of these flies as they resembled the gassy "armor-plated" looking naturals so much more with the colored ribbing being more recessed versus the more traditional chironomid patterns that I was used to seeing where the ribbing sits proud of the body. It also opened a whole new world to tying for me as I could now accomplish so many more different styles of patterns especially when trying to accomplish ribs that change colors which is very common to see in the samples taken on all our lakes in British Columbia. So over the last five maybe 6 years or so I have been tying all kinds of "Ironman" style flies, some of which I have shared via youtube such as the "War Machine"(no longer up due to copyright claims on music), the "Tony Stark" and the "Choclate Mint". ( which I both did for one of my past "Countdown to Ice Off Series" (The C.M's have also proved to save the day on some tough days in the past I might ad). With my love for Anti-Static Bag flies and plenty of Ironmen in my box already dressed in various shades of window tints and mylar I decided why not twist up a whole pile of similar versions replacing the tint with A-S-B and thus the "Velvet Revolver" was born. Little did I know how truly productive the results were going to be! After tying a batch of the un-named one day, I went to my wife as I usually do and asked her opinion and ideas for names for the fly. Her immediate suggestion was "Velvets" from the velvet color/holographic Wine tinsel ribbing which she was seeing, which also in turn the name "VELVET REVOLVER" came immediately to my mind as they were both velvet and gunmetal in color but also reminded me of the unique name of a band an old friend of mine had talked about but I knew very little of and don't think I ever actually listened to. Ironically, later on, I found out that this particular fly was somewhat similar in colors/materials to that of a very popular "Guns N' Roses" chironomid which I had heard about but never actually tied or fished before and really didn't think much of it but I then also later learned that this band from which I derived this fly's name "Velvet Revolver" consisted of some of the ex-bandmates of the well known rock band "Guns N' Roses"! Go figure! I can now understand what the ex-bandmates were going for when they re-grouped! So I now tend to think of this pattern now as a kind-of offshoot re-vamped and re-packaged cousin pattern to the popular GNR. So here's the recipe for those wanting to tie up some VR's and to those who like instructional videos, I have put one together for you, just click the video link at the bottom of the page! These have caught us far too many fish to count and some real lunkers to boot and will undoubtedly be a deadly addition to your flybox arsenal for Ice off 2019! I hope you enjoy and see the same productivity as we have fishing these time and time again! Cheers and Tightlines!

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Hook : Your favorite or preferred scud or curved nymph hook in various sizes

Beads: Preferebly Black Metallic or Brown but can also use White, Red, Clear Glass. It is more the body that makes this fly what it is.

Underbody/Rib: UTC Holographic WINE and as an option I like to utilize some exrta small UTC XS wire followed at the back or on top of each segment to highlight each rib in a very subtle manner to make those segments really pop.

Beads: Preferably Black Metallic but can also use White, Red, Brown, Clear Glass. It is more the body that makes this fly.

Body: Anti- Static bag, ideally you want 6-8 segments to will more accurately match the natural pupa, 7 if you’re looking to be exact. The color and thickness of ASB can vary to achieve best results for this fly I recommend the thinnest stuff you can find, it doesn't make for deep indentations in the chironomid but will allow the holographic wine to really bleed through the asb and the bluer colored asb's really work well with the Wine creating a more red/purplish hue or velvet tone. Wrap the asb along the hook leaving gaps to reveal the Wine Holo Tinsel as the ribbing of the pupa.

Thorax: Black or Rusty Brown UTC 70

Gills: Super bright White Cotton Yarn (all personal preference but this stuff really glows bright in the water and I truly believe will catch more fish's attention VS other duller white gill materials) or another favourite of mine...white uni-stretch.

Coating: Solarez Bone Dry UV Resin

And here's an instructional vid to make it all that much easier... Cheers!

Some VRC's tied with a variety of 7 differn't bead heads

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