One Dozen Classic Chironomids

SKU: c1

One dozen extremely effective Stillwater chrionmids tied on super strong reverse bend scud hooks and curved nymph hooks in a variety of our most common sizes. UV cured with Solarez Bone Dry for a nice glossy finish and extremely durable fly. These super simple and sometimes forgotten classics will in many cases out-fish the more complicated and sometimes overthought patterns we all love to tie. The black, red-ribbed ice cream cone is a great searching pattern or starter chironomid to start the day on our BC interior lakes. Many great 50+ fish days on the water fishing this fly almost exclusively is not uncommon. Contact for any custom orders or tweaking to this pattern you may wish to order. This same fly tied using a dark brown olive thread VS black, which when soaked up in UV resign almost resembles the same fly with an even more natural coloration when under good light and is also a good producer as well.


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