KTC Rainbow Trout Skin Stickers Decals -  7" x 3"

KTC Rainbow Trout Skin Stickers Decals - 7" x 3"

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Support Kamloops Trout and Promote BC Interior Stillwaters with these Premium High Quality stickers above and beyond plain and generic. These stylish decals will look great anywhere, be it the truck, car, boat, flybox or anywhere else you can think to put them! A great addition to anyones sticker decal collection! ON SALE, 6$ ALL IN! tax included. Free shipping via Canada Post anywhere in Canada.

  • Details & Directions

    These stickers were designed for outdoor applications and will therefor endure the elements and resist UV deterioration better than most. The adhesive we chose is strong but not so strong that should someone decide to remove it they could risk peeling paint off of something as valuable as car. In saying that, use at your own risk. Make sure when applying the surface area has been cleaned and dried thoroughly. Using a solvent such as methyl hydrate or isopropyl alcohol will help ensure a very good bond to the substrate! 

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